Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Asia cup is considered as one of the big cricketing events after the ICC World Cup,ICC Champions Trophy.Asia cup has been held 11 times and this is the 12th edition of Asia Cup. Asia cup is played between the major cricketing countries in Asia. India,Sri Lanka,Pakistan and Bangladesh are the teams which are playing Asia cup regularly.

 What's special in the Asia cup - 2014 ? Yes, this time Afghanistan joins the party and its getting bigger now.It gives the Afghanistan team to play with the big cricketing giants like India,Pakistan,Sri Lanka and learn the game from the big names in the cricketing world. 

 Asia Cup Trivia: 
1. Out of 11 times India have reached the Finals of Asia cup 8 times 
2. India pulled out of the 1986 Asia cup due to strained cricketing relations with Sri Lanka 
3. In 1990 edition Pakistan pulled out of Asia Cup due to political reasons 
4. From 1995 onwards, India, Paksitan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh have been regularly participating in the Asia cup 
5. 2004 and 2008 are the special edition Asia cup where in 6 teams were playing. Hongkong and UAE were the countries to join the above mentioned teams 
6. India have won the Asia cup 5 times, followed by Sri Lanka who have been the champions for 4 times 
7. Pakistan have won Asia cup 2 times and Bangladesh have won 0 times.

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